What’s Circle of Truth

Circle of Truth (COT) challenges your creativity, your drawing skills as well as your ability to put yourself into other people’s shoes.

The main goal (beside having a lot of fun) in this extreme version of the broken telephone game (Chinese Whispers) is to preserve the meaning of the initial message as good as possible by drawing it and interpreting the visualizations afterwards.

Admittedly, as you will see, sometimes it’s even more fun to be much further away from the original message (the truth) than expected!


A game usually consists of an odd number of players to ensure you start and finish with a message. The order is determined by random so that you “sit” next to different persons whenever you start over. Each player received a blank page and is now ready to start an own circle.


Sentence or Word

first turn

Start with writing a funny phrase, pun, quote, description or even a word you just made up. Send this message to the next person in the circle.



second turn

Read carefully the message you received and start drawing it. Try to capture as many details as possible. The available drawing and painting options – especially the feature of working on different layers - enable you to create detailed and fancy looking pictures. Send the final drawing to the next player once ready.



third turn

The created drawing or painting has now to be interpreted or its meaning guessed by the following player.

This process (Steps 2 and 3) is being repeated until the circle is closed (i.e. each player participated and you finished with a message in writing).

Once the game is finished X players closed X circles which can now be enjoyed – and of course shared!

Have fun!


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3 - 7 players

Go for a quick game by inviting two friends and close the circles fast or start a long game with up to seven players. You will see, even with only three players it’s not easy to maintain the truth (original message).

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Friends or Strangers

Invite your friends via Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or simply by looking for their user name and create a game for all of you. Or just join the pool of people around the world who want to play and enjoy circles with random people who might have never sit next to each other!

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Random circles can be started with either German or English as the common game language. Connect with people around the world and enjoy solving circles in English.


Circle of truth is available for Android and iOS. Download the game now and start your own circle.

Get the free app now for your Android or iOS device.